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Nationally Recognized Credentialed Technologists & Sonographers in Diagnostic Imaging Including Vascular Ultrasound, General Ultrasound, Cardiac Imaging, Nuclear Imaging & OB/GYN Sonography

Our current economic climate causes reimbursements to be more at risk than ever before, creating additional financial challenges for healthcare providers. Hospitals and physician practices need to manage with optimal efficiency to preserve already slim operating margins. Operating costs for diagnostic services are most impacted by the cost of personnel to provide services.

Overstaffing is costly while understaffing can affect patient care. The right staffing may not be adequate when you are faced with unexpected leave. Cancelling or rescheduling patients will negatively impact your profitability. NAVIX can help!

NAVIX simplifies the staffing process. Our team’s knowledge guarantees the most talented imaging professionals. As one of the largest outsourced providers for diagnostic services, NAVIX understands the importance of highly trained, credentialed technologists who can consistently perform accurate, high-quality non-invasive testing. Our technologists are trained and credentialed in the following specialties:

  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Nuclear Cardiology / Nuclear Medicine
  • Echocardiography
  • General Ultrasound

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Improving outcomes through better diagnostics.

Company Facts:

  • Nearly 100 Registered Technologists
  • Partnerships with Academic & Community Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Access Centers, and Physician Practices
  • More than 100 Managed Accredited Facilities including Vascular, Echocardiography, Nuclear and Vein Centers
  • More than 2,000 Physicians trained in Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation

"Not only did our patient volume grow, NAVIX greatly improved the efficiency of our lab. As a result, our practitioners could maintain our focus on the patient community and on providing the best levels of attention and care."

Dr. Matthew Dougherty

Vascular Surgeon, Pennsylvania Vascular Associates

Just wanted to drop a note regarding the recent NAVIX course done for our physicians. We are a large practice with over 40 physicians. When we wanted to bring in an organization with the experience, expertise, and flexibility to work with the myriad of schedules we had to coordinate, we knew NAVIX was the right choice. They not only worked with us to get the training sessions scheduled on dates and times that would work, they knocked it out of the park with the quality of the program. Several of our physicians have raved about the course and felt the content was invaluable. We highly recommend the NAVIX RPVI Course.

Khanh Q. Nguyen, DO, RPVI

Corporate Medical Officer, Center for Vein Restoration

NAVIX provided vascular ultrasound training at the West Orange Nephrology office in Winter Garden, FL. I had the honor of meeting Tish Poe during the training. I was impressed with the training and Tish's attention to detail and knowledge.  Clearly, vascular ultrasound is her area of expertise. Tish's insight on Fistulas is on point.  I most enjoyed her hands-on approach and very precise methods of using technology to produce high-quality vascular images. It would be my pleasure to have NAVIX back in the future for more training.

Jessica M Vega, BS, RVS

West Orange Nephrology

All you need is NAVIX’s course to pass the RPVI.
Dr. Nirav Patel

Chief of Vascular Surgery and Medical Director of the Wound Healing Center, St. John’s Riverside Hospital

I really appreciated the clarity of the instructor. The didactic portion was excellent and I would definitely recommend this course.
Dr. Ramesh Gowda

Director of Endovascular Interventions, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital

We partnered with Navix for Vascular Ultrasound coverage and training.  Navix worked side by side with our technologist to be sure they were proficient in all vascular exams.  Our technologists are now Registered Vascular technologists thanks to the mentoring from Navix. We continue to work with Navix as they provide support via a virtual technical director who is available for questions, offers support, critiques our exams and supplies continuing education.  With Navix’s help, we have been able to offer a service that has never been offered in our community and invest in our employees.

Coleen Goulet, R.T. (R)(M)(ARRT)

Diagnostic Imaging Director, Astria Sunnyside Hospital

Tish is a spectacular teacher and has great integrity that she combines with her passion for the art and science of ultrasound technology. Taking a course from her felt like taking a golf lesson from Jack Nicklaus.
Dr. Bruce Ruben