A Strong Foundation for Your Cardiovascular Service Line: High-Quality Noninvasive Cardiac and Vascular Lab Diagnostics Improve Outcomes, Clinically & Financially

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Building Noninvasive Cardiac and Vascular Labs Since 1999

NAVIX has been operating Noninvasive Cardiac and Vascular Labs for more than 20 years and has provided clinical, operational, and regulatory expertise at all levels of service delivery, including hospitals, physician practices, access centers, and stand-alone laboratories. With a deep domain expertise in vascular diagnosis, NAVIX can help physicians and administrators identify gaps in service delivery and provide the services required to increase competitiveness and reduce leakage. Whether you are looking for a full-service vascular lab or specialized service to support a new surgical center, NAVIX can provide the clinical and operational expertise to help you succeed, clinically and financially.

Our Deep Domain Expertise in Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis Improves Outcomes, both Clinically and Financially

Noninvasive Cardiovascular Testing

NAVIX offers comprehensive noninvasive cardiac and vascular testing services to support your cardiovascular service line. We specialize in helping physicians diagnose peripheral artery disease, critical limb ischemia, venous disease and many other vascular disorders. A dedicated noninvasive cardiac and vascular lab with comprehensive testing services provides the best support for vascular specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Technologist Expertise

caNAVIX raises the bar in the field of noninvasive vascular ultrasound, echocardiography, nuclear imaging and general ultrasound. Our technologists are registered and have extensive vascular diagnostic experience. NAVIX continuously monitors our team’s skills and provides training to ensure we provide clinical information physicians rely on for diagnosing cardiovascular disease. NAVIX’s commitment to advancing knowledge ensures high-quality testing and exceptional care for your patients.

Lab Quality

NAVIX manages more than 100 heart and vascular labs throughout the eastern United States. Our clinical staff is dedicated to consistently meeting and exceeding the highest quality standards set by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). With accreditations for all of our labs, NAVIX has the highest number of accredited labs earning a national accreditation status with IAC and a reputation for quality.

Clinical Standards

NAVIX has earned a strong reputation for consistently delivering cardiovascular testing services that have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. Our technologists not only answer the question “is disease present” but show the location and severity of the disease, information that interventionalists need to plan treatment. Relying on noninvasive testing to provide such detail can only be achieved through an adherence to proven clinical protocols and algorithms performed by experienced, registered technologists.

Service Integration

For more than two decades, NAVIX has partnered with administrators and physicians to provide educational programs that improved the use of the noninvasive vascular lab by other hospital specialties, teaching referring physicians how to better identify vascular disease and their risk factors. The rapid expansion of vascular programs driven by the growing problem of peripheral artery disease and other vascular disorders is driving a need to further improve integration. With NAVIX, you will get the clinical and operational support you need to improve the use of your vascular testing services.

Equipment & Reporting

Expanding the scope of your cardiovascular testing or expanding to a new location may require additional investments. With NAVIX’s Turnkey Lab Program, you have the option of using our equipment and cloud-based reporting tool. These options offer you the opportunity to reduce your capital expenditures and remove the burden of managing service contracts. With standardized order forms and vascular reports, you can expect further optimization of your vascular testing services including report turnaround times, compliance, and physician satisfaction.

Cardiavascular Lab Case Study

Achieving Significant Growth with a NIVL

Without a strong vascular diagnostic program, hospitals will not benefit from the projected growth in vascular interventions. Important factors leading to this growth include the aging population, and the increase in chronic age-related diseases such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), hypertension and stroke. By developing a Vascular Disease Identification Program, the hospital will identify more patients needing medical treatment and/or peripheral intervention, improving the overall health of the community.

Market Leader for 20 Years

NAVIX’s dedication to quality and outcomes is demonstrated by our focus on education.

Approximate number of Registered Technologists employed by NAVIX

Last year's Number of Training Hours Completed by our Employees

Improving Performance

The Noninvasive Vascular Lab (NIVL) is an integral part of any vascular surgery practice. Maintaining clinical quality and operational efficiency can be challenging especially in an ever-changing health care system. Optimizing performance of the NIVL requires attention to all of its components including staffing, training, financial performance, revenue cycle, patient satisfaction, and referring physician satisfaction.

Expanding Patient Access

NAVIX can quickly expand your team to provide more timely access to your imaging services. Access to care is very important to improving patient outcomes. NAVIX works with all types of facilities including hospitals, access centers, imaging centers and outpatient centers to provide general, breast,  OB/GYN, and vascular ultrasound as well as echocardiography and nuclear medicine.

The Right Choice

By partnering with NAVIX, you can be assured that your noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic services will be positioned as a leader in the community you serve. Learn how NAVIX is helping healthcare providers enhance their noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic services.

Featured Case Studies

Learn how NAVIX has helped hospitals and private practices improve the performance of their vascular service line with a dedicated noninvasive vascular lab (NIVL).

Cardiovascular Diagnostic Services Offers Growth and Opportunity

Achieving growth in diagnostic and interventional revenue from added cardiac and vascular diagnostic lab services depends on:

  • Hiring qualified, experienced cardiovascular technologists to perform quality testing
  • Implementing and standardizing vascular and echo testing protocols to provide reading physicians with clinical information required to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease
  • Adhering to quality standards and achieving IAC Accreditation for Vascular and Echo Testing
  • Educating referring physicians on the appropriate ordering of cardiovascular testing based on patient’s risk factors, physical exam, and symptoms.

Clinical & Operational Leadership

NAVIX’s clinical and operational team are recognized leaders in the field of noninvasive cardiac and vascular ultrasound. They have held leadership positions on the boards and committees for the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and have participated in many industry initiatives, from congressional briefings to developing CPT codes and writing medical policies for large payers.Our high-level involvement means we understand the current regulatory environment and play a key role in developing new standards for excellence in noninvasive vascular and echocardiography testing.

Angela Wong, MD, RVT, RPVI

Senior Manager of Vascular Education


Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD, RVT, FSVU

Senior Manager of Vascular Education


Joanne Sul, RVT

Senior Manager of Vascular Education


Joseph Patrick Hughes, RVT, RVS, FSVU

Director of Business Development


Joseph Madison, BSRVT, RDMS, MBA

Director of Accreditation


Joyce Fraser, M.Ed., CNMT, RDCS

Senior Manager of Vascular Education


Patricia Poe, BA, RVT, RDCS, FSVU

Director of Vascular Education


Rick Dubin, AAS-DMS, RVT, RDMS

Director of Accreditation


Steve Knight, BSc, RVT, RDCS, RDMS

Clinical Director of Cardiovascular Services

NAVIX Satisfied Clients

"The team from NAVIX was pivotal in managing the process of achieving accreditation it really says something about the caliber of vascular services we are now able to offer patients."

Donna Wencis

Critical Care, Endoscopy and Respiratory Therapy, Beth Israel Deaconess - Plymouth

"Not only did our patient volume grow, NAVIX greatly improved the efficiency of our lab. As a result, our practitioners could maintain our focus on the patient community and on providing the best levels of attention and care."

Dr. Matthew Dougherty

Vascular Surgeon, Pennsylvania Vascular Associates

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