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Frequently Asked Questions for Participants

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  1. What should I wear the day of my screening?
    You should wear loose fitting clothing. Preferably an open collar, short sleeve shirt if possible. Women should avoid wearing pantyhose as well as earrings or necklaces that may need to be removed for the screening. The screening room will be private.
  2. What do I eat the day of my screening?
    For participants scheduled before noon: Fasting after midnight is preferred; If you are diabetic or not able to fast, please try to limit yourself to clear liquids, light tea and dry toast. For participants scheduled after noon: You may eat a light breakfast, or early lunch, and try to limit yourself to clear liquids and light foods. We strongly advise that you avoid coffee, dairy, cigarettes and gum, which may interfere with the test of the aorta. If you need to take medication, take it as prescribed.
  3. Where can I park?
    Parking will be provided at the screening location. Parking spots will be reserved for screening participants near the main entryway. Please look for signs that say "reserved for vascular screening participants"
  4. Do I have to pay to park?
    If your screening takes place in a location where parking is typically provided at an hourly rate, you will not be required to pay. Please bring your receipt with you when you leave the parking lot and give it to the attendant. He or she will waive any parking fee. Note, this does not apply to valet parking services.
  5. How often should I have a screening?
    Vascular disease typically progresses slowly. The results of your screening will let you know the recommendations for follow up. This recommendation may or may not recommend further diagnostic follow up or an annual screening.
  6. How accurate are these screenings?
    The screenings are designed to detect the absence or presence of disease, however, are not used to determine the severity of any disease that may be present. The screening itself is a very accurate assessment.
  7. What kind of training do your technologists complete prior to providing screenings?
    Our technologists are Registered Vascular Technologists (RVT) and have completed several years of formal academic schooling as well as passing their board exams to become registered. The technologists are routinely audited by senior training staff to assure continued proficiency of their skills.
  8. How long will the screening take?
    The entire process from registering when you arrive to leaving will take no longer than 30 minutes. In many cases, the screening exam itself lasts less than 10 minutes.
  9. When will I get the results of my screening?
    You will receive your results by mail within a few weeks of your screening. If you indicate a primary care physician on your paperwork when you arrive, he/she will also receive a copy. You, your primary care physician and the physicain who interpreted your results will all be able to discuss any recommended follow up. If an emergency situation is detected during your screening, a physician will be contacted and you will be taken care of by medical professionals immediately.
  10. Why can't my doctor order these screenings for me so that my insurance company (or Medicare) will pay for them?
    These screenings are meant for individuals that are at-risk for vascular disease, but do not show signs or symptoms of the disease. Vascular disease is one of the most undetected diseases due to individuals not having symptoms and therefore not receiving care prior to a life-threatening event. Because the screening is designed for particpants without symptoms, your insurance company will not pay for them. If you think you are exhibiting signs of vascular disease, you may wish to contact your physician who can check for symptoms that may warrant a diagnostic exam that will typically be paid for by insurance. Remember, this is a "screening" and not a "diagnostic exam".


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Why participate in a screening?

The good news is 80% of strokes can be prevented and other peripheral vascular problems can often be easily managed if diagnosed early. Early detection is the key to a course of action that could be lifesaving.

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