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Risk-focused Stroke and Vascular Disease Screening Exams for Peripheral Vascular Disease Prevention

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Stroke & Vascular Screening Saves Lives

NAVIX's Risk-focused Stroke and Vascular Disease Screenings include three non-invasive, painless tests which are the ones recommended by the Society of Vascular Surgery.

  1. Ultrasound scan of the carotid arteries to detect carotid artery disease. This test assesses the risk of stroke. It is a painless and harmless test that uses high-frequency sound waves to create pictures of the insides of your carotid arteries. Ultrasound is used to take an image of both your left and right carotid arteries in your neck, looking for atherosclerosis which is build-up of plaque.
    • Carotid artery disease occurs when the main blood vessels leading to the brain develop a buildup of plaque, also called artherosclerosis. Plaque can restrict blood flow to the brain and or even break off and become lodged in a blood vessel of the brain, causing a stroke.
    • Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Carotid artery disease accounts for more than half of all strokes in older Americans.
    • Three out of every four stroke victims had no symptoms or warning signs.
  2. Ultrasound scan of the aorta to detect the presence of an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). Ultrasound is used to take an image of your aorta to look for ballooning. This can occur when the lining of your aorta becomes weakened. Although there may be signs of a AAA with pain in the lower back or buttocks, often times an abdominal aortic aneursym remains undetected until it ruptures.
    • An abdominal aortic aneurysm is when the large blood vessel, (the aorta) that supplies blood to the abdomen, pelvis and legs become abnormally large or balloons outward. AAA can be permanently cured when it is diagnosed early, but rupture is fatal in most cases.
    • AAA is the 10th leading cause of death in men over the age of 50 in the United States, but most don't even know they have an aneursym.
    • It is estimated that more than one million people are living with an undiagnosed AAA and that 95% of these can be successfully repaired if detected prior to rupture. Once rupture occurs there is a 90% mortality rate with most people not living long enough to get to the hospital.
    1. A simple test called an ankle-brachial index (ABI) often used to diagnose peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The ABI compares blood pressure in your ankle to blood pressure in your arm, revealing how well blood is flowing in your limbs. ABI can show whether PAD is affecting your limbs, but it won't show which blood vessels are narrowed or blocked. Additional examination of the vascular system can be performed to provide more detailed information.
      • PAD occurs when plaque reduces blood flow to the limbs and can cause blockages in the arteries. Early on, PAD may cause difficulty walking, but in its most severe forms it can cause painful food ulcers, infections and even gangrene which could ultimately lead to an ulcer or more serious vascular disease and possibly death.
      • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects 8 to 12 million Americans. One in 20 American over the age of 50 has PAD.
      • PAD can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious conditions.


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Why participate in a screening?

The good news is 80% of strokes can be prevented and other peripheral vascular problems can often be easily managed if diagnosed early. Early detection is the key to a course of action that could be lifesaving.

Interested in offering screenings in your community? Learn how NAVIX can bring educated your community with stroke and vascular screenings.

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