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Echocardiographer/Echo Sonographer

Echocardiographer/Echo Sonographer - APPLY NOW

Last Update: 02/2014

Reports to: Area Operations Manager

Job Description:
Utilize high frequency sound waves to produce ultrasound images and related data used by physicians to render a medical diagnosis and perform the following duties.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Ensure proper garment are worn by patient during test and explain procedures to obtain cooperation and reassure patient

2. Perform echocardiogram and/or stress echocardiogram under supervision of a cardiologist in accordance with NAVIX and/or site protocols

3. Follow the NAVIX's Quality Assurance (QA) protocol with the exception of physician's specific requests

4. In a hospital setting, determines priority for requested inpatient and outpatient studies and revise schedules as needed to perform emergency studies in agreement with the hospital department supervisor or attending cardiologist

5. Recognize important and life threatening abnormalities on the echocardiogram and inform the account supervisor, interpreting or attending physician before the patient leaves the testing site or as physician instructs.

6. Communicate to the physicians regarding echocardiography findings via videotape, M-mode strip recordings, and a protocol worksheet as determined by account

7. Ensure patient safety by following company procedures and protocol

8. Maintain and clean equipment as directed by suggested manufacturer guidelines. Report any equipment difficulties or failures to NAVIX's customer service department as soon as possible

9. Frequently move equipment/machine for testing purposes

10. Maintain supplies for testing sites or keep appropriate materials as personal stock if in a mobile setting

11. Thoroughly complete all paperwork (i.e. technical log sheets, billing requisitions). Obtain proper exam order with corresponding diagnosis as well as obtain patient's signature for authorization for performing the test

12. Report any incidents (i.e. coding of a pertinent, needle sticks, patient falling, etc) by following the incident report procedures as well as notify your immediate supervisor within 24 hours

13. Communicate with NAVIX's customer department on a regular basis regarding work schedules

14. Attend yearly OSHA and Compliance training as per company policy

15. Participate in on-going training to ensure job competency

16. Comply with Corporate policies regarding environmental Health and Safety regulations

17. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor


Minimum Qualifications:
Minimum of 1–2 years scanning experience. EKG recognition with knowledge of stress testing. Flexibility in work schedule. Some computer knowledge. Ability to work independently. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. Must be a team player.
Education Requirements:
Credentialed by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) or cardiovascular credentialing international (CCI) in the primary specialty to be performed. High school diploma with some college courses.

Physical Demands:

On feet most of the day and spend a lot of time walking, standing, stretching. Lifting and pushing necessary to move equipment or transfer/move patients.

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