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NAVIX offers 3D Reconstruction of Vascular Ultrasound Images

Effectively track the active intraluminal arterial pathway to the brain with Visualize:Vascular ™

Visualize:Vascular is a software application designed to view and quantify image data acquired from commercially available ultrasound systems. It is intended for use by cardiologists, radiologists, vascular surgeons, and vascular technologists.

Visualization can help physicians and clinicians:

3D vascular vessel image

See 3D from 2D

The results can be displayed in 2D or 3D. The system automatically generates reports showing the active luminal pathway summarizing luminal diameters and the cross sectional area of the lumen for the targeted blood vessel segment.

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Why Medipattern for 3D Reconstruction of Vascular Ultrasound Images?

"Visualize:Vascular allows me to see the structure of the open space In the artery, the residual lumen, which is available for blood flow to the brain. This can be seen in both two and three dimensions which enable us to pinpoint the exact area of critical narrowing in the blood vessel. The beauty of this technology is that it is totally non-invasive and can serve as an adjunct to standard duplex ultrasound... Clinically this is a tremendous asset for us and will ultimately lead to improved patient care."

- Francis J. Porreca, MD, FACS, RPVI Director of Vascular Surgery Weiler Division of Montefiore The University Hospital of Albert Einstein College of Medicine


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NAVIX, a market leader in turnkey diagnostic imaging services and vascular educational programs, partners with hospitals, access centers and physician practices to deliver high-quality, cost-effective testing services that achieve the best outcomes for patients. With nearly 20 years experience and more than 100 accredited heart and vascular diagnostic centers throughout the United States, NAVIX is dedicated to improving cardiovascular care through a collaborative partnership with their clients. NAVIX's team, many of whom are nationally recognized leaders in vascular ultrasound, ensures the highest quality in vascular testing and training for physicians and technologists. NAVIX's Vascular Ultrasound Preceptorship provides the most comprehensive training in the advancement of physicians' knowledge in the interpretation of vascular ultrasound and preparation for ARDMS' RPVI credential.

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